Facilities and Equipment

Given the new valences, the group is ready for new challenges, considering having the ability to:

Extraction of usable material in the order of 120,000 tons net year. Part of these products are available to processors and retailers and the other part is transformed in the group companies.

Sawing and Polishing – The installed capacity in this section lies in the order of 200,000 m2/year. Part of this product is sold to processors and retailers, the remainder being transformed in the group companies.

Cut and Finish – There are equipment, endowed with all the latest technology, enabling us to transform the order of 120,000 m2 year, especially for this purpose an online computerized, allowing tackle (tiles, coatings, etc..) with quality and very competitive prices.

The group has, at this point, high-tech equipment available worldwide, in all its aspects (extraction, sawing, cutting, polishing, finishing).

The group currently has over 10,000 m2 of covered buildings intended for production as well as 20,000 m2 of public areas adjacent to support. It also has approximately 200,000 m2 of land referred for extraction.