Our products and equipment

  • Quality – The quality policy of the Central Transmontana, Lda. Marbles Society is based on the commitment to fulfill the requirements, aiming and always keeping in mind the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the integrated system. The Company of Marbles Central Transmontana, Lda., And Pedranossa – Granitos Naturais, Lda., Has Quality, Environmental and Hygiene and Safety Certification, based on the norms 9001, 14001 and 18001.
  • Environment – The environment is a central concern of the Central Transmontana, Lda Marbles Company. This concern is due to the specific nature of its activity, whose control is essential, so as not to cause a harmful environmental impact, so the company’s commitment rests In meeting the needs of its collaborating clients and stakeholders. The environmental management system is committed to an adequate environmental management through the implementation of procedures to manage waste, wastewater and an adequate use and reuse of raw materials. With this action, the company contributes to the reduction and prevention of pollution.
  • Certification of cadres – We have a team of 60 effective workers, with a good average age of 32, with 10% with a university degree, with two Geologists focused on quality and research. We have invested with Insistence on professional training of these staff, namely in Quality, Hygiene and Safety, Integrated Management, Competitiveness, Emergency Actions, Resource Management. We are pioneers at a national level, in an international certification project, which is certainly an added value of positive impact, both inside and outside the country.