MGT invests in Angola supported by the program “Internationalization in Partnership”

The Chaves company, which is one of the leading national companies in the ornamental stone transformation sector, intends to carry out an investment of 5.5 million euros, supported by the partners “Internationalize in Partnership”, which together will hold 49% of New Angolan society.

The new company should be based in Catumbela, between Benguela and Lobito, constituting a manufacturing industrial unit with capacity to respond to the needs of the Angolan market.

Chaves company wants to explore granite in Angola

The investment will allow the creation of 37 new jobs.

According to Lusa, this is the third agreement signed under the Internationalization in Partnership program, which has already allowed the internationalization of a metal-mechanic company in Peru and another SME in the tire retreading sector in Luanda.

According to Lusa, 12 projects in various sectors (glass, cosmetics, paints and accessories, industrial machinery, automotive components, textiles, paper and cardboard, transport boxes, accessories for mines) are being analyzed in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Angola and Mozambique.